Testimonials from our existing clients

I highly recommend it!

“At the age of 77 my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. With a number of pre-exisitng conditions such as stroke, high cholesterol, epilepsy and high blood pressure, the prospect of the toil that her body would take after chemo was daunting. That’s when Nick mentioned Turkey Tail mushroom. I decided to try it. My mum has had 3 rounds of chemo and no side effects except hair loss. At her last review the Dr asked what she’s been taking because he was so impressed with her blood results. We mentioned turkey tail and he gave the thumbs up. She still has a few rounds of chemo and radiation but I’m positive that the turkey tail mushroom oil has really helped in boosting her white blood cells and I highly recommend it.”


Great Customer Support

You care so much for your clients!

Very happy with the service, everyone was very friendly, very good feedback and I have referred some contacts to you.

I found the CBD 600mg works very well for my PTSD

The canna infusion 600mg helps a lot with sleep

Lucidity mushroom has been Helping with focus and mental clarity.

I Commend you guys for what you are doing and that you care so much for your clients!


I feel the benefits daily

I’ve been using the Nature’s Releaf 5mg full spectrum capsules for the past 8 months for pain relief in my knee which I injured playing Soccer. The treatment has gone very well and I continue to feel the benefits daily. Overall I am very happy with the products and personal service! I will be returning for my refill in the coming week.

Knee Injury

A game changer

Product 5mg full spectrum canna capsules


The effects of IBS are far reaching… namely but not limited to stomach cramps, body pains, anxiety, depression and general feeling of being unwell. The full spectrum capsule was a game changer and helped to not only reduce but also alleviate most symptoms.


Thanks for the help guys!

“The 5mg CBD capsules have helped tremendously with anxiety and stress. I take them occasionally and have told my friends and family about the store. Thanks for the help guys!”

Ruben Hattingh
Anxiety and Stress

Good results

“I found the store and service informative. I am currently using the 600mg CBD drops to help with sleep and have good results so far. I find the taste of the product to be neutral and not too bitter.”

Ian Bails

I Recommend Nature’s Releaf products

“I purchased the CBD dog biscuits and have great success with them. I give them to my dog occasionally to calm down in stressful situations and have found that they help a lot. I would gladly recommend the shop and Nature’s Releaf products to all my family and friends.”

Tracy Farren
CBD dog biscuits

I love that the products are organic

“The 2.5mg Canna capsules ease the routine of falling asleep and help with relaxation. I found the service thorough and the shop welcoming. I love that the products are organic.”

Joel Kendrick
Sleep and Relaxation

80% Pain Relief

“I have been taking the NR 10 mg full spectrum extract capsules for a while now and I am very happy with using this product. The product has assisted me significantly. After taking this product, there has been a significant reduction in pain associated with my neck and lower back. This product has provided me with 80% pain relief. I am also very happy with the customer service at the store”.

Cervical spondylosis

More good days than bad days

“I started taking 2 moringa tablets each day and now take 4 per day, and I’ve been applying the 2-in-1 healing balm to dry skin and wrist joints since September. I’m on my second delivery batch all the way to the UK. Devon advised me to use the products for wellbeing and to try and help with my sore joints and arthritis.

I noticed a substantial difference after about three weeks, as I could hardly move my hands before. I can now use my hands more than what I could before!

I now have more good days than bad days despite the constant cold here in the UK, and I notice a difference when I forget to use the products.”

Fran (84 years old)

10/10 for customer service

“I purchased the 2.5mg full spectrum CBD capsules. I quickly experienced a significant improvement with sleep, and feel a lot of relief from stress. 8/10 for product excellence and 10/10 for customer service – I’ll be back for a refill, for sure!”


Thanks for a great experience!

“Well located shop, amazing products available. The owners have a wealth of knowledge and are passionate people who truly care about the wellbeing of others. We need more people like this in the world. Thanks for a great experience!”

General Health

A definite 9/10!

“I was suffering from severe lower back pain which also affected my ability to work. After a timeous consultation with Sameer, I had been recommended 300mg CBD broad spectrum drops and Moringa leaf powder. I noticed a gradual reduction in my lower back pain. The most significant improvement was my energy levels, which I noticed almost immediately. My treatment is still ongoing however my overall experience has been excellent, a definite 9/10!”

Anonymous (Male)
Pain and Energy

Thank you Nature’s Releaf

“Prior to me using the product I spent most of my time in bed due to spasms and cramps. Two weeks after using the capsules I was able to go on a 3000 km road trip with my family. I have a better quality of life. I also manage to go shopping in a mall for like half the day with no problems as prior to taking the capsules I would get to the mall and need to leave the mall as soon as possible as my legs would go into a spasm. These spasms were unable to be treated with scheduled conventional drugs. In the past, I had X-rays and blood tests done and was in and out of the hospital for years suffering with this condition. Then I started to take the full spectrum capsules. I have since stopped taking all pain medication and very rarely use it. The capsules have given me a better quality of life. Thank you Nature’s Releaf”

Anonymous (Female)

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